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2110 21:03, sami, mies, ei 41, rauma 41 17:06 mgkpps. Nainen, ei 2 New York 58 01:23 Matruska Nainen Kyllä 09:47 LongJohn Mies Ei 55 Pori 598 13:14 LongJohn Mies Ei 58 Pori 60 13:02 Annabella Nainen Ei 44 Oulu 136 19:42 XL-naisen haku Mies Ei 31 Tampere. Mies, ei 55, tornio 6153 10:00, suukkosuu, mies, kyllä. Kajaani 7985 17:45, tervas, mies, kyllä 60, p-Karjala :09 ilmkos, mies, kyllä. FWB, mies, ei 33, pirkanmaa 135 18:11, azlakkix. Sivustoa koskevat kysymykset voi lähettä ylläpidolle puh. Treffit, treffit on suosittu, uusi suomalainen treffi ja deitti palsta. The Economist reported that the number of contributors with an average of five or more edits per month was relatively constant since 2008 for Wikipedia in other languages at approximately 42,000 editors within narrow seasonal variances of about 2,000 editors up or down. Retrieved May 21, 2009. "Wikimedia Foundation Financial Statements June 30, 20" (PDF). seksikuvat ilmaiset aikuisviihde videot

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Orgasmi naiselle vuosaari porno 53 Systemic bias on Wikipedia may follow that of culture generally, for example favoring certain nationalities, ethnicities or majority religions. 362 One of the most successful early online encyclopedias incorporating entries by the public was h2g2, which was created by Douglas Adams in 1999.
seksikuvat ilmaiset aikuisviihde videot To be considered active, a user must make at least one edit or other action in a given month. 127 Systemic bias When multiple editors contribute to one topic or set of topics, systemic bias may arise, due to the demographic backgrounds of the editors. 124 Because of this, universities throughout the United States tried to encourage females to become Wikipedia contributors.
Porn suomi call girls in finland Learning to link with Wikipedia. 128 The second and third largest Wikipedias owe their position to the article-creating bot Lsjbot, which as of 2013 had created about half the articles in the Swedish Wikipedia, and most of the articles in the Cebuano and Waray Wikipedias. Some, such as, Enciclopedia Libre, Hudong, and Baidu Baike seksimessut sex shop lappeenranta likewise employ no formal review process, although some like Conservapedia are not as open. Petrusich, Amanda (October 20, 2011). As of January 2019, according to Alexa, the English subdomain (en.
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WikiSym 2011 :. This marked a significant increase over January 2006, when the rank was number 33, with Wikipedia receiving around.3 million unique visitors. Sharma, Raghav (February 19, 2009 Wikipedian Justice, ssrn "legisinfo House Government Bill C-38 (381. Runciman, David (May 28, 2009). Retrieved January 31, 2007., San Antonio Express-News, January 9, 2007. 72 In certain cases, all editors are allowed to submit modifications, but review is required for some editors, depending on certain conditions. " Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, Wikipedia (January 21, 2007). "Lucene search: Internal search function returns to service". A b c "The future of Wikipedia: WikiPeaks?". "In UK, rising chorus of outrage over online misogyny". "The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration Community". The list concerns basic content by subject: biography, history, geography, society, culture, science, technology, and mathematics. "Changes at Wikipedia: Seeing things". London Review of Books. Priedhorsky, Reid, Jilin Chen, Shyong (Tony). "Wikipedia and the Future of Legal Education". "Wikipedia Android Apps on Google Play". In December 2002, the Creative Commons license was released: it was specifically designed for creative works in general, not just for software manuals. "The Free Encyclopedia Project". "Wikipedia remains go-to site for online news". List of Wikipedias "List of Wikipedias". Retrieved July 14, 2012. Retrieved September 6, 2011. Archived from the original on December 21, 2012. 220 In 2014, a female editor who requested a separate space on Wikipedia treffi ilmoitukset porno fantasiat to discuss improving civility had her proposal referred to by a male editor using the words "the easiest way to avoid being called a cunt is not to act like one". Archived from the original on January 14, 2016. For instance, Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, wrote in Nature that the " wisdom of crowds " approach of Wikipedia will not displace top scientific journals, with their rigorous peer review process. A b Jim Giles (December 2005). 272 273 Also, "Wikipedia for Schools the Wikipedia series of CDs / DVDs produced by Wikipedians and SOS Children, is a free, hand-checked, non-commercial selection from Wikipedia targeted around the UK National Curriculum and intended to be useful for much of the English-speaking world. Journal of Legal Education. Therefore, the committee does not dictate the content of articles, although it sometimes condemns content changes when it deems the new content violates Wikipedia policies (for example, if the new content is considered biased ). 79 Sometimes editors commit vandalism by removing content or entirely blanking a given page. (subscription required) Note: The study was cited in several news articles;.g.: a b Reagle,. Retrieved October 30, 2007. "Erasmus Prize Praemium Erasmianum". The Atlantic, March 5, 2014. "MH17 Wikipedia entry edited from Russian government IP address". Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. seksikuvat ilmaiset aikuisviihde videot