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Pk-seuraa tarjoavat kielletty Seksiseuran haku. Treffit, treffit on suosittu, uusi suomalainen treffi ja deitti palsta. Aku ja iines czech anal escort / Chat sex Wamli Ilmainen Chat ja hauskaa seuraa Wikipedia w k p i d i / / w k i p i d i / WIK-ih-PEE-dee-) is a multilingual online encyclopedia with exclusively free content and no ads (though donations are accepted based on open collaboration through. Miten hankin ilmaista seksiä. Ilmainen treffisivusto escorts us, 318.

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English Wikipedia's protection policy English Wikipedia's full protection policy a b Birken,. "Wikipedia is not a dictionary, usage, or jargon guide." Notability. Articles depicting what some critics have called objectionable content (such as Feces, Cadaver, Human penis, Vulva, and Nudity ) contain graphic pictures and detailed information easily available to anyone with access to the internet, including children. The results were tabulated for several language versions of Wikipedia. "Wikipedia.0  Now with Added Trust". 75 The editing interface of Wikipedia Review of changes Although changes are not systematically reviewed, the software that powers Wikipedia provides certain tools allowing anyone to review changes made by others. 250 251 As of December 2009, there were 300 in Florida and 44 in Amsterdam.


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329 In an episode of ilmaista seksi seuraa gay chatti the television comedy The Office.S., which aired in April 2007, an incompetent office manager ( Michael Scott ) is shown relying on a hypothetical Wikipedia article for information on negotiation tactics. Other past and present community news publications on English Wikipedia include the "Wikiworld" web comic, the Wikipedia Weekly podcast, and newsletters of specific WikiProjects like The Bugle from WikiProject Military History and the monthly newsletter from The Guild of Copy Editors. 180 In February 2007, an article in The Harvard Crimson newspaper reported that a few of the professors at Harvard University were including Wikipedia articles in their syllabi, although without realizing the articles might change. Directly after the posted web interview, the representatives stated that Wikimedia would be applying an all-inclusive approach to accommodate as many mobile access systems as possible in its efforts for expanding general mobile access, including BlackBerry and the Windows. Retrieved December 31, 2010. Elsevier Computer Networks 53 (11. State of Virginia, where the majority of Wikipedia's servers are located. Compact discs, DVDs Collections of Wikipedia articles have been published on optical discs. 11 Sanger coined its name, 12 13 as a portmanteau of wiki (the Hawai'ian word for "quick" 14 ) and "encyclo pedia ". Jemielniak, Dariusz (June 22, 2014). 117 Editors who do not log in are in some sense second-class citizens on Wikipedia, 117 as "participants are accredited by members of the wiki community, who have a vested interest in preserving the quality of the work product. Scherer and David Ross. "Wikipedia seeks women to balance its 'geeky' editors". Wales replied that he did not, although the perpetrator was eventually traced. 84 85 After the incident, Seigenthaler described Wikipedia as "a flawed and irresponsible research tool". 68 On the English Wikipedia, among others, some particularly controversial, sensitive and/or vandalism-prone pages have been protected to some degree. A b c "Wikipedia. The license gained popularity among bloggers and others distributing creative works on the Web. 214 Privacy One privacy concern in the case of Wikipedia is the right of a private citizen to remain a "private citizen" rather than a " public figure " in the eyes of the law. Is partly responsible for the site's dominance as an online reference. On a later episode, he commented on the edits to the article, most of them offensive, which had been made by the audience and had prompted the article to be locked from editing. suomi fi treffit seksitreffit nainen